The ADM+S Working Papers series publishes new research by ADM+S Centre members and collaborators in an open access format.

  • Mapping ADM in Australian Social Services
    15 October 2022 | Project update
    Brook Ann Coco, Prof Paul Henman, Dr Lyndal Sleep
    This report provides a baseline dataset for researchers on the types of automated decision-making (ADM) systems being utilised in Australian social services.
  • Mapping the Digital Gap: Background Paper
    6 October 2022 | Project update
    Dr Daniel Featherstone, Prof Julian Thomas, Dr Indigo Holcombe-James, Dr Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Dr Jenny Kennedy
    This paper sets out the approach, main objectives, policy and research context, methodology and research sites of the Mapping the Digital Gap research project.
  • Australian Ad Observatory: Background Paper
    15 July 2022 | Working paper
    Prof Jean Burgess, Prof Mark Andrejevic, Prof Daniel Angus, Dr Abdul Karim Obeid
    This working paper is designed to provide background information on the aims and methods of the Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S) Australian Ad Observatory research project.
  • Australian search experience project: background paper
    15 January  2022 | Project report
    Prof Axel Bruns
    This background paper outlines the motivations for this study, presents the broader context of the research, introduces prior work by our research partner AlgorithmWatch, and describes the practical implementation of the Australian Search Experience project.