Dr Zofia Bednarz is an Associate Investigator at the University of Sydney node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society (ADM+S).

Zofia is a Lecturer in Commercial and Corporate Law at the University of Sydney Law School. Prior to joining the University of Sydney, Zofia was a postdoctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation UNSW.

In her current research, Zofia focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated decision-making (ADM) tools by financial firms and implications it has on provision of financial services to consumers. In particular, she researches the adequacy of the current legal and regulatory framework, applicable to the conduct of financial services licensees, to prevent consumer harm brought about by the new technologies.

Zofia’s research raises questions around data collection and use, risk of discrimination and exclusion, and opacity originating in, and incentivized by, the use of AI and ADM tools in the context of financial services such as insurance and banking. Her work seeks to develop and inform policy, law, regulation and industry norms that address inequalities in access to financial services in the age of new and emerging technologies.