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The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society announces new key research projects

Author ADM+S Centre
Date 1 July 2024

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S) has launched new key projects responding to the complex challenges and opportunities that emerging automated decision-making and artificial intelligence systems present. These projects mark the second half of the Centre’s life.

Drawing on international perspectives from academic partners, organisations, and collaborators, the new research projects will address high-level challenges of automated decision-making in society, from generative authenticity, regulation, and cultural curation to inclusive AI.

Director of the ADM+S Centre Distinguished Professor Julian Thomas said, “The Centre has moved from the initial work of discovery and investigation to a new set of larger projects, integrating research across the humanities, social sciences, computing and data sciences.

We will be investigating the social, cultural, regulatory, and industry aspects of new technologies and thinking through how Australia can best respond to ensure that those technologies are deployed in ethical, responsible, and inclusive ways.”

Since 2020, researchers at the ADM+S Centre have been working to map the expanding reach of automated systems and gauge their impacts across Australia. 

We have established a range of sociotechnical approaches, including tools and frameworks, for understanding and addressing the impacts of automation on society.

Building on existing tools and research, the innovative projects will use synthetic data to simulate and predict policy outcomes, map the ecological impacts of ADM use, and provide unprecedented observability of platform operation, news content curation, and diverse accessibility, to name a few.

“These projects represent the knowledge, expertise, collaborations and capabilities generated during the first phase of the Centre’s research program and will enable us to work more closely with some of our key partners across industry, technology, government and the community sector.”

Using a participatory approach to engage affected communities, organisations, and civil society that are impacted by the technologies, our research brings an independent perspective to the development and application of AI and ADM tools to ensure they are responsible, ethical, and inclusive. 

The new research program seeks to provide transformational insight into addressing higher-level challenges of automated decision-making in society. 

“The Centre’s new projects will enable us to make sure that the work we do has the best possible impact in terms of influencing Australia’s response to this emerging new tech landscape,” said Professor Thomas.

Hear from our project leads about the new key projects in this video


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